Each study consists of a full-color photo of the finished piece, line drawing and complete painting instructions. Each study is presented in a transparent sleeve with holes for insertion into a three-ring binder. Each study is $6. All studies, books and tapes are non-returnable.

Blueberry Tray
Butterfly Box #1
Butterfly Box #2
Daisies and Red Clover
Daisy Tray
Dresden Clock
Gecko and Croton Leaves
Grape Tray
Imperial Russian Style Compotes
Limoges Butterfly Box
Limoges Tray with Asters and Raised Paste
Orchids with Silver
Orchid Vase with Raised Paste
Vase 3, Raised Paste with Gold
Vase 4, Raised Paste with Gold Luster
Vase with Gold Flowers
Virginia Creeper